Personal Health Budgets

We offer services to help you /your family member manage your personal health budget.

Accepting you need care can be a very stressful time and there are lots of new things to get used to,such as accepting people into your house.

There is an increasingly strong emphasis on allocating personal health budgets so you are in charge of how/when you have care.

However,if you have never employed staff before this can be very daunting

We can help with some of that stress by offering support services

Staff Recruitment

We can work with you to advertise for the right staff.

  • Manage applications and arrange first interviews
  • Arrange second interviews with you(if you wish to be involved)
  • Organise all pre employment checks such as DBS,references,training
  • Check time sheets and run payroll
  • Arrange staff appraisals and supervisions with you
  • Advise and deal with any disciplinary issues
  • Arrange staff rotas to suit you

Managing the budget

We can assist with the day today management of your PHB.

  • Manage a bank account for your budget,that is reported to you monthly,or whenever requested
  • Manage invoices from third parties that are paid from your budget
  • Ensure payments are received from provider in a timely fashion.
  • Pay staff at intervals to suit you.

If you would like to discuss these services further please get in touch for a no obligation chat